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Jobs : Integration program   
Integration program





 D-Trois-Pierres offers young adults a work experience favouring their integration to the work force based on a realistic work experience.




  • From ages 16 and 35 years old
  • Unemployed and not attending school on a full time basis
  • Available for a period of 32 weeks (more or less 7 ½ months)
  • Having personal difficulties or difficulties finding and maintaining employment
  • Demonstrating the willingness to do what is necessary to integrate the job market






  • To acquire socio-professional competencies that can be applied in all work settings;
  • To successfully complete the program and have set goals for the future.
  • To live a useful and realistic work experience;












  • Work experience offered on 2 campuses:
    • Cap-Saint-Jacques: organic farming and horticultural work
    • Boscoville 2000: landscape and building maintenance or general help in the cafeteria
  • The participants may be called upon to work occasionally at any of the two D-Trois-Pierres campuses, either Cap-Saint-Jacques or Boscoville 2000;
  • Technical, personal and social workshops;
  • Personal support and accompaniment;
  • Use of various evaluation tools (socio-professional acquired, probation, weekly, mid-program and end of program evaluations);
  • Effective teamwork between the youth resources and the field supervisors (daily or weekly notes, regular meetings and discussions);




  • Partnership with the CREP (centre des ressources éducatives et pédagogique) for academic recognition.



 Services available to the participants


  • Personalised accompaniment;
  • Technical training;
  • Links with external resources (help groups, living accommodations, etc.);
  • Aid with integration or re-integrating the education system;
  • Academic recognition through the CREP;
  • Help with job search at the end of the program (Resume building, practice interviews, time allotted for job search, etc.).
  • The program offers young adults with professional difficulties the opportunity to get in contact with the work force.
  •  The participant is paid minimum wage, 35 hours a week (7 hours a day, 5 days a week) over a period of 32 weeks.


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