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For the time being, all job postings are only available in french. Click here to access the job postings in French.

Consult Formation / Emploi en insertion for information on the integration program avialable on our different campuses.
Postes contractuels et/ou permanents  for professional and administrative job opportunities.


The social and professional integration program is based out of two of the three D-Trois-Pierres campuses. Participants may be called upon to work at each one at some point during their 32 week program. The campuses are located at:

  • The Cap-Saint-Jacques ecological farm;
  • Boscoville 2000 in Rivière des prairies;



Jobs are offered in the following fields:

  • Farm work
  • General help in the cafeteria
  • Landscaping and building maintenance
  • Secretarial work
  • Accounting

Admissibility criteria:

  • Between the ages of 18 and 30 years.
  • Must not have a job or in school
  • Must have difficulties on a personal level as well as finding or maintaining employment
  • Must be motivated to undertake the necessary steps to integrate to the work force
  • Must be available for a period of 32 weeks (7 1/2 months)

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